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Summer Camp Registration

This is only an approximate self-assessment. We will contact you to discuss further.
American Grade level that the student was in during the school year 2021/22
Please enter the weekday school that this student attended during the school year 2021/22.
Please respond yes if the student has previously attended classes or programs at the Saturday School.
Please be aware of potential differences in duration and tuition between the listed session options. You can choose any or any combinations of sessions. Please use Shift + Click to select more than one session.
Please select the weeks for which you require after-care. Please use Shift + Click to select more than one session.
Please select the bus stop you are interested in.
Please enter the name of the place/junction and the precise address.
I accept the terms & conditions and to pay the down-payment, which will be fully applied to the camp tuition balance. The down-payment is not refundable, except in the cases listed on the tuition page. Payment of the down-payment secures this student's rank in terms of spots and preferences. For payment by credit card a 3% processing fee is passed on in our effort to keep tuition as low as possible.
This field is provided so that you can submit ideas, suggestions, feedback, and/or questions you may have.
After you press "register" you can either register another camper or check out once you have registered all campers.

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