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Why we offer amplifier programs

A weekly trip to a Francophone Country without taking the airplane.

In order to enhance the learning environment on several levels and to make the weekly trip more fun for our students, while solving our parents' logistical problems, we have set up high-quality sports and art programs that teach real and lasting skills.

These additional programs allow students to further increase their vocabulary and fluency in French without perceiving an additional effort while concentrating on an exciting activity and learning new skills from professionals.

Sessions are 90 minutes long and take place before and after the French Classes.

These programs :

are taught in French by francophone coaches and teachers
who are professionals in their field (e.g. former national team and FIFA soccer coach, former first league/NBA basketball player).

For more information, please follow the links below:

Sports Program (taught in French),
Theater class (taught in French)
Art class (taught in French)
Dance class (taught in French)
Latin class (taught in French).

We also offer special programs throughout the school year, such as the AP French preparation class.