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Why an athletic club offering programs in French?

A weekly trip to a Francophone Country without taking the airplane.

Our sport clubs allow students to further enrich their vocabulary and increase fluency in French without perceiving an additional effort while concentrating on an exciting activity and learning new skills from professionals.

Sessions are 90 minutes long on Saturdays with a choice between morning (11:05am to 12:35pm) and afternoon sessions (1:45 pm to 3:15pm).

These clubs are taught in French by francophone coaches and teachers who are professionals in their field. Our soccer club takes places during the whole school year (including during the winter) and always has a gym at its disposal, i.e. it is weather-independent.

Our Soccer Team, the MFC Griffons, also participates in the Saturday Schools Soccer League.

Join the Dance Club and combine classic ballet dance with jazz dance and rhythmic dancing techniques from the Caribbean, all in one year.

Our little explorers (for 3 to 5 year-olds) visit other clubs and have their own activities, while their older sibling are in their respective clubs.

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